We need your support

We need your support

We are thrilled to have been shortlisted as one of 35 projects from over 500 applications for an Australian Ethical Community Grant! The grant will provide funding to assist DRWS in the treatment, care and rehabilitation of wildlife.

Our project aims to give Australian native waterbirds an environment which is most suitable and best fitted so as to support their recovery. Essentially, we want to help waterbirds in need return home.

At DRWS we actively strive to promote wildlife and preservation of the natural environment. Each year we record over 1000 wildlife admissions and have over 130 wonderful volunteers who devote their labour and time to this cause. Without ongoing assistance from the community, we wouldn’t be able to continue to do the work we do.

We would love your support by voting for our project. We would appreciate you spreading the word to friends and family. Every vote counts!

Stayed tuned for September to see how we went and thank you for helping champion our cause.

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