Brian fom ‘Brian’s Pruning and Mulching’ kindly came to the rescue of this galah who was so badly entangled by string that he was rendered immobile and dangling approx. 8m up a tree.

The galah had been hanging for at least 24 hours when we were contacted and advised of the situation.

Birds dangling and entrapped by string-like debris are usually unlucky with poor outcomes. Open wounds to their legs or foot can be sizeable and contaminated; circulation to the appendage can be severely compromised; hip function can also be impacted. This bird was trapped over two 36 degrees days without water and in an extremely stressful circumstance.

BUT this guy is a survivor!!! We can’t be more grateful to Brian. We are also a bit emotional that ‘Lucky’ was rescued dehydrated and stressed but with minimal injuries with only superficial injuries.

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