Darling Range Wildlife Shelter (DRWS) is a volunteer and not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to rehabilitate native wildlife and promote the value of biodiversity.

Our Volunteers

DRWS volunteers rescue, provide care and rehabilitate Australian native wildlife in need including threatened, endangered and migratory species. Our aim is to work towards their release back into their natural environment. Each year we record over 1500 wildlife admissions.

The daily running of the Shelter is supported by over 100 volunteers who participate in a variety of roles. Volunteers are available daily from 8.30am until 5.00pm. Our members give over 40 000 unpaid hours annually.

DRWS has developed, and continues to evolve, from a love of and commitment to wildlife and the natural environment. All of our members actively promote preservation of the natural environment and living considerately with wildlife.


DRWS is highly focussed on sustainable development through conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. In order to minimise the Shelter’s environmental footprint the facility functions through the installation and maintenance of –

  • a significant solar power system capable of supplying all power needs;
  • greywater reuse system for gardening;
  • composting/waterless toilets;
  • rainwater collection from all buildings and use;
  • recycling via worm farms;
  • and wildlife food and enrichment via the native pantry.


The Shelter could not function without the valuable support offered by the community, which includes financial donations in addition to the provision of valuable goods and services. DRWS is listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations, whereby financial donations are receipted and able to be claimed as a tax deduction by donors.