We're a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation that treats, cares for and rehabilitates Australian native wildlife.

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Darling Range Wildlife Shelter is a volunteer, not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to rehabilitate native wildlife and promote the value of biodiversity.

DRWS volunteers rescue, provide care and rehabilitate Australian native wildlife in need including threatened, endangered and migratory species. Our aim is to work towards their release back into their natural environment. Each year we record around 1000 wildlife admissions.

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What's happening at DRWS

28 March 2018

We have some awesome donations coming in and all of these will be up for grabs soon in our online auction.

The Darling Range Wildlife Shelter is getting ready for it’s much anticipated 2018 online auction but we need your help! We now need items to auction. Do you have any unwanted Christmas gifts or household items of value you don’t need/want anymore? Do you have a business and…

28 March 2018

It’s bogan time…AGAIN!

Picture a room full of denim, thongs, ugg boots, mullets and flannelette shirts as far as the eye can see…hmmm, can you ever really have too much flannel? If you know the lyrics to Thunderstruck, drink Emu Export and Rock a mullet, know a thing or two about air-guitar and,…

17 March 2018


Brian fom ‘Brian’s Pruning and Mulching’ kindly came to the rescue of this galah who was so badly entangled by string that he was rendered immobile and dangling approx. 8m up a tree. The galah had been hanging for at least 24 hours when we were contacted and advised of…

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Our Sponsors & Supporters

DRWS would not be able to do the work it does without the generous support of the community. In particular we would like to express our appreciation to the following:

  • Total Waste Disposal
  • Dial a Bin
  • Pollen Strategy